What is the Difference Between Dual Core and Quad Core Processors

What is the Difference Between Dual-Core and Quad-Core Processors?

If you are getting ready to buy a new computer, you need to make sure that you are getting a solution that will work for your needs and that will be fast and reliable. While there are many things that you have to consider when you are choosing a computer, one of the first questions you will want to answer is whether you want a dual-core or a quad-core processor.

At its most basic level, people feel that quad-core computers are faster than dual-core computers. However, it’s important to take a deeper look to understand more about these processors.

What You Should Know About Dual-Core and Quad-Core Processors

A dual-core computer means that it features two processors, while a quad-core computer will have four processors. When you have more than one core in the computer, it will allow you to run more processes on your computer simultaneously.

Although some feel that having more cores always means faster speeds, that is not the case. Even though a quad-core chip may have the capability to work four times faster than a single-core computer and twice as fast as a dual-core computer, you also have to factor in the computer’s memory. If you don’t have a lot of RAM, the quad-core is likely to struggle when compared to a dual-core with more RAM.

Which One Should You Choose?

Should you be working with a dual-core or a quad-core computer? It will depend on the types of applications you are running. Those who enjoy computer gaming or Bitcoin mining will find that a quad-core processor can provide them with more power and speed, which is likely something that they want from a gaming system. However, dual-core computers can still run computer games. You will likely notice that the performance is better on a quad-core computer though, as long as the rest of the components are high-quality and fast enough to run the game.

The same is not always true when it comes to using other applications, even though they might be intensive. This might include creating digital artwork, digital animation, editing videos, and the like. They can still run well with a dual-core computer because of the way the software works. It doesn’t require a quad-core computer and as long as the rest of the hardware in the computer is high-quality, it should work quite well. Depending on the requirements of the software, though, they might work better when you choose a quad-core.

If you are only using your computer for basic tasks like checking your email, writing, using MS Office products, and the like, you don’t need to get a quad-core if you can’t afford one. You will likely be just as happy with a dual-core computer.

Those who are going to be doing a lot of multitasking on their computer might find that having a quad-core will provide them with the extra power and speed they need, though.

A good way to determine whether you should choose a dual-core or quad-core processor is to look at the preferred requirements for the software and applications that you are planning to use with it. Check to see whether it recommends a quad-core or not. If it doesn’t, then you should find that it will work just as well with a dual-core computer.

The Price Difference

While many factors go into determining just how much a computer will cost, the number of cores will be a big factor. Dual-core computers that have other specs that are similar to the quad-core will be cheaper than ASICs. Still, the quad-core options have started to come down in price, and they could be a nice option for those who want to have the extra speed.

Do You Need More than Four Cores?

You might have seen that there are some computers available today that have six and eight-core processors available in them. For the vast majority of people today, having such a high number of processors in the computer will be overkill. Most will not need to have that level of power, and it would not make sense for them to spend that much money on that level of a computer.

However, some who have the money available and who want to make sure that their computer is ready for whatever the future holds might choose this option. It is certainly not a requirement for most people today, though, so don’t feel the need to have one just to have more processors than everyone else.

Find the Solution that’s Right for You

Now that you know a bit more about the difference between dual-core and quad-core processors, it should be easier to find a solution that’s right for your needs. Consider how you will be using the computer and remember your budget. Many great options are available today.

Resources: https://www.antminerforsale.com/antminer-statistics/



Bitcoin Halvening: The May Results and Market Effects

mining data center white papers

In May 2020, Bitcoin when through the third halvening since it was created. The halvening happens with cryptocurrency when the creation of new coins is cut in half. This also means that the rewards the miners receive after a halvening will be half what they were before the halvening. When Bitcoin was created, the issuance of Bitcoin was at 50 coins per 10 minutes. After the first halvening, it dropped to 25, and then 12.5 after the second halvening. It is now at 6.25 coins per 10 minutes.

What Happened Last Time?

At the time of the last halvening, the demand for Bitcoins rose. In fact, it went all the way up to $20,000 per coin. There was a drop in the value of Bitcoin shortly thereafter, which caused many to claim that Bitcoin was dead.

However, that wasn’t the case. It recovered and is still going strong. Although it has not yet reached the same high point that it reached in the past, it has the potential. We are seeing parallels to what happened after the last halvening now and many believe that the value of Bitcoin will see some increases soon.

What’s Happening Now?

In early May, the price for a Bitcoin was $10,000. This dropped to $8,700 after the halvening, but many experts are saying they feel that the price is going to keep going up. Some feel it will be close to or even higher than the $20,000 price that was an all-time high. Why do the experts believe this is going to happen?

It’s the state of the world today. The paper currencies that are backed by the government are not as trusted today because the governments are printing more and more money to help make their ends meet. Many see these measures as extreme, and they have lost faith in those currencies.

With Bitcoin, investors are seeing what they perceive as a safer investment. In light of Covid-19, as well as unrest in the United States, cryptocurrencies seem like a much safer bet. They believe that the price is going to skyrocket because of this. There are even some who believe that the price could reach as high as $100,000 over the course of the next several years.

When you look at what happened in the past, when there wasn’t so much turmoil in the world, you still saw increases in the value of Bitcoin. With the problems facing the world now, it is almost a given that the value will go up. This is especially true if these problems continue.

Are Digital Currencies Considered Stable?

While many are looking toward cryptocurrencies for their future, it doesn’t mean that they are stable. In fact, they are volatile. This means that the price of the coins can go up and down similar to what you might see with other types of investments. There is never a guarantee of what will happen with them. Some experts feel that this volatility might cause some people to be hesitant to move into cryptocurrency in the coming months. They feel that people will end up being more cautious and that it could take several months before the price starts to increase. Those who are looking for safer bets might be waiting until the impact of the halvening to settle before they make their investment.

However, you have to remember that many different types of investments are not stable. Investing in the stock market can be just as risky because of its volatility. Therefore, Bitcoin could make a good and safe investment to add to your portfolio. Those who may not have enough to invest in a single Bitcoin of their own right now could always consider mining Bitcoin instead.

Could It Be a Good Idea to Invest or Mine Now?

For investors, it might be a good idea to consider investing if you have the means, simply because the price of the Bitcoins is lower now than it will be in the future. After all, investors want to buy when the price is low and then hold onto the investment as it goes up in value. Many people are considering buying Bitcoin now, and you might want to be a part of that group.

When it comes to mining Bitcoin, it could be a good time to get started if you haven’t already. However, there are a few things you will want to remember. The machines that you are using should be the latest state-of-the-art miners to ensure that you have the power needed to mine. In addition, remember that it’s more difficult to mine now, and the profits might not be as high as they have been in the past. It’s still possible, but you need to do it the right way.

The Biggest Data Center News Stories Of 2020-2019

The Biggest Data Center News Stories Of 2020-2019

Data centers have changed and grown over the years, and 2019 happened to see quite a few interesting stories surrounding them. The stories mentioned below run the gamut and are some of the most interesting and important to have occurred during the last year.

Data Center as a Service

While we’ve all heard of software as a service, Lenovo introduced a new way to sell their data center solutions. With Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services, the company is able to provide an infrastructure as a service product. Users have access to a pay-per-use subscription for the various Lenovo data center products that they may need to use. This has the potential to help other companies save money, as they will only have to pay for what is used.

The Rise of the Autonomous Data Center

A few years ago, the idea of an autonomous data center seemed like it was still in the realm of science fiction for most people. However, with the introduction of quality artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, things have changed quickly. Dell Technologies unleashed PowerOne, an autonomous infrastructure that utilized Dell EMS’s infrastructure products along with VMware vSphere. The PowerOne Controller is able to automate thousands of different tasks, which can help to speed up and simplify the workflow.

However, Dell was not the only company to introduce an autonomous platform. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise launched Primera. It is a storage platform that is combined with artificial intelligence and predictive insights. The system allowed companies to predict issues in order to prevent them from occurring.

Massive Investment by Oracle

Although many companies have committed to spending a substantial amount of money bringing new data centers into existence, Oracle took things a step further. They wanted to open a new data center region every 23 days over the course of 15 months. Overall, they decided to launch 20 new Oracle Cloud sites by the end of 2020. Out of the 20 new facilities, there will be three that are government centers and 17 that are commercial centers. Some of the locations where these will be built include California, Montreal, Amsterdam, and Osaka.

Tax Incentives Growing

Most people realize that there will need to be more and more data centers in the world in order to hold all of the data that’s being generated. Many governments around the world are trying to entice companies to build data centers in their country or state. One of the benefits that are offered in many areas is tax incentives. Illinois created a tax incentive for data centers that would eliminate local and state sales tax on equipment they are using in their facilities. Other locations are providing other incentives, such as the $150 million in property tax incentives Facebook is receiving in Utah.

It seems that every few days, there is another story about data centers coming out that is bigger than the last story. It is likely that there will continue to be these types of stories as more and more data centers are being built and new innovations are created.

Resources: https://www.crn.com/slide-shows/data-center/the-10-biggest-data-center-news-stories-of-2019

Data Centers in Space Could Be a Plausible Idea

The world of data centers could be heading off-world in the near future. Technology and data centers go hand in hand with one another. The idea of autonomous data centers was once just a dream, but it is becoming a reality. There is an underwater data center that was launched by Microsoft. So, it is only natural that after we’ve had data centers on land and in the water that we look to the stars above as the next step.

With companies like SpaceX available, it is plausible that data centers could be launched into space. They would be able to operate autonomously, and due to the coldness of space, cooling should not be a problem. However, there are some potential issues with having data centers in space right away.

The Barrier to Space

One of the biggest barriers right now will be the cost. The prices are high to launch rockets, and it might not be financially feasible to put a data center in space. Given that it is still cheaper at this point to have data centers that are literally down to earth, and that are larger than what would be put into space, it seems as though it is still a ways off. However, if SpaceX is able to utilize its reusable rocket technology, it could help to lower the cost eventually. This is especially true when other companies start competing against SpaceX.

One of the other problems that will eventually crop up is when something goes wrong in the data center and needs to be repaired. While many tasks can be done remotely from the earth, there may be some issues that can’t be as easily fixed. It’s not going to be possible to get up to the station to make those repairs. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the data centers are designed to have as few issues as possible.

The Possibilities

There are already some satellites in orbit that work similarly to data centers, albeit on a much smaller scale. There are a number of benefits to having a data center in space, as well. Because the data center could be solar powered, it would mean that there would be no need to pay for electricity. We’ve already touched on the fact that the coldness of space will help with the cooling. Since it is in space, this also means that there will not be any need for security. Of course, one of the biggest savings is the fact that the company would not have to pay for real estate. With a large data center on earth, buying the land can be a huge expense.

Even though there are added costs to having the data center in space, it is easy to see that there are some great advantages, as well. It’s not so much a matter of if it can be done – it can. Instead, it’s more a matter of when this will happen and which company will be the first to launch a data center into space.


Resources: https://www.datacenterknowledge.com/edge-computing/idea-data-centers-space-just-got-little-less-crazy

Top Data Center White Papers of 2020

mining data center white papers

mining data center white papersTop Data Center White Papers of 2019

Over the course of 2019-2020, there were a number of white papers written about the field. Some of the most popular and most data center white papers downloaded  and focused on some of the major trends in the field, as well as papers on shifts and changes in the field. These papers covered a range of different topics, including edge computing, hyperscale data centers, and improving power efficiency in data centers. Below, we will be looking at some of the top white papers in the field.

Report from Iron Mountain – Hyperscale Data Centers: A Data Center from the Frontier Special Report

This white paper delved into the hyperscale data center and how it has helped to start to change the way that IT looks and functions around the world. It covers the importance of shifting data from computer rooms that are onsite to data centers. It examines the way that the use of hyperscale data centers has truly changed the way that people are using computers and doing crypto mining. It also covers how the data centers are built and sold, and it considers how hyperscale data centers will further change the landscape.

Data Center Frontier Special Report – Edge Computing

Edge computing is another important factor in today’s data centers, and it is fully explored in the white paper. The paper also looks into how edge computing is becoming a part of more and more data centers, and how it is changing colocation and can help those who use it.

Data Center Frontier Special Report – Optimizing Data Center Power Efficiency

Power efficiency is one of the areas that some companies have struggled with in the past or may continue to be struggling with. This white paper examines some of the new solutions that are available for data centers, including Gallium Nitride (GaN), GaN’s benefits, the reliability of GaN products, and how it could affect the overall amount that is spent.

Report from Digital Reality – Green Data Centers are Imperative for Enterprise Success

Many companies are looking for ways that they can go green and improve their practices. This white paper looks at one of the ways that will help companies to become more sustainable. They examine the use of renewable energy for use in data centers. The paper dives into how to find clean energy and how it can be implemented into the data center.

Report from Compass Data Centers – 5G: What, Where, When, and Why

The white paper examines the use of 5G in data centers and what types of changes it will bring. It includes information on the types of business and technological changes that are coming, along with the location, size, data storage requirements, and other factors that will be affected.

These are some of the white papers that came out in 2019 that were highly popular in the field of data centers. These papers help those who are in the field to stay on top of the changes and trends that are arriving now and in the near future.

Resources:  https://www.antminerra.com/antminer-statistics/

Apple to Spend 10B on US Data Centers Over 5 Years

Apple to Spend $10B on US Data Centers Over 5 Years

In late 2018, Apple announced that it would be spending $10 billion over the next five years on data center construction in the United States. The growth of the data centers is critical to ensure that their customers have great experiences with all of their devices and the platforms they are using. It will also help them to stay competitive with some of the other large companies, such as Amazon, which continues to expand its data centers and influence, as well.

The company is also working on projects at the other data centers they own, including those in Mesa, AZ, Sparks, NV, and Maiden, NC. They will also have a new data center created in Waukee, IA to help expand their reach further. Facebook also has data centers in other parts of the country, including Newark, CA and Prineville, OR.

Apple is also growing its data centers in other parts of the world. They have been developing a data center in Denmark, and they already have plans to build another one in the country.

Why Does Apple Need to Expand?

It is important to remember that Apple is more than just iPhones and Macs. The App Store and Apple Music rely heavily on a reliable infrastructure that can ensure there are servers up and running and able to accommodate the needs of the users. These services are growing faster than any other area for Apple, so it makes sense that the company will want to ensure that their customers have a smooth experience when using them.

Just how big is the business? In 2016, the services revenue for Apple was $24 billion. It is estimated to be $48 billion by 2020. This means more people are using these services and more people who are relying on them to work and to provide a pleasant experience. Investing in those areas is extremely important for their business.

The expansion of the data centers could also mean that Apple will eventually be able to reduce its reliance on other parties as cloud providers. Currently, they are using Azure and AWS to help them meet their data center needs. Having more of their own data centers can help to reduce, or even eliminate, this reliance.

More than Just Data Center Expansions

Apple has been planning to make investments in their facilities and staff across the U.S., and not just with the data centers. For example, they are creating a campus in Austin, TX, which will sit on 133 acres. This campus will be able to hold 15,000 employees, which will bring in a massive number of jobs to the city and will make Apple Austin’s largest employer. This is not the only location that will be seeing more jobs. Apple has said that they would be adding hundreds of jobs across Portland, Boston, Boulder, New York, and Pittsburgh. They would be adding about 1,000 jobs to Culver City, Seattle, and San Diego each.


Resources: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/17/apple-to-boost-data-center-capex-by-10-billion.html


List of Top Data Center Countries

List of Countries with the Most Data Centers

Updated 10.11.2019 – After some deep research on quotes, colocation facility placements and industry research….these are the top countries with colocation data centers for 2019-2020

  • Germany (195)
    • top cities
      • Frankfurth
      • Munich
  • The Netherlands (100)
    • top city
      • Amsterdam
  • Singapore (34)
  • Sweden (50)
  • Norway (29)
  • United Arab Emirates (9)
  • United Kingdom (264)
  • China (79)
  • Brazil (45)


From time to time, we work with a hosting partners that broker data center colocation in the EU and they say the following: “From my perspective, I would suggest Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, Scandinavia.

Brexit probably having a current, hopefully short term effect on UK market take up. China is building large facilities, but not sure about the level of international enterprises’ interest, due to current political “nervousness”.”

Organically on Top Data Centers, we have seen the most request for quotes from Singapore, Frankfurt, UAE, Brazil and Munich.

Datacentermap.com gives you a good “birds eye” view of the # of data centers available and that is a good indication of what markets are more popular.

If you would like, we can ask a few of our USA based hosts that operate data centers abroad and see what they have to offer for insights if you are seeking international colocation just contact us and well compile a custom list for you.

When Would You Want a Data Center Located Nearby Rather than Further Away

More and more businesses today are starting to utilize colocation because of the benefits that it can offer. It allows companies to have the space they need and the security they need without needing to rent or buy a data center of their own. They share the space with others to help reduce the costs, and they can have servers in the cloud along with their physical systems, which they can control. It tends to be the best of all worlds.

However, you also have to think about just where the data center will be located. While there might be a temptation to find a location that has access to the lowest priced power possible, this might not always be the best solution. There are reasons that you might want to have a data center located close to your business. Let’s get a look at those reasons.

You Have Easier Access

Naturally, one of the best reasons to have a data center nearby rather than on the other side of the country is because it will be easier to access. Many of the data centers today will allow the customers to have access to the data centers and their servers as needed. Many will even allow for around the clock access. Of course, they will still have security systems, such as security cards and biometric features, which ensure that not just anyone can get onto the property.

Get a Better Sense of the Security

However, having the data center nearby will also let you get a better sense of the actual security of the company. You will be able to see that they do have the cameras they claim and that they have physical security. Being nearby will allow you to know that your servers are safe since you can vouch for the security that is in place.

Check on the Fail-Safes

In addition to checking on the security for the data center, you will also be able to check on the fail-safes that are supposed to be in place. The data centers today will typically have redundancies in place for their cooling, their power, and their systems used for security. Being nearby can let you more easily check up on those systems to make sure that they are operating correctly and that they exist.

These are just some of the reasons that you might want to have a data center that is nearby rather than one that is going to take a flight to reach. Ideally, you will be able to find a quality data center that is only about an hour or so away from your business. This way, you can get to it when you need without the drive taking up too much time. Just remember to consider the other factors – quality, price, features, etc. – and not only the location when you are choosing a spot.

Resources: https://www.atlantech.net/blog/6-key-benefits-of-local-colocation-data-centers

Vetting Data Centers – What to Look For

The Key Factors That Your New Data Center Should Have

Whether your company is facing a deluge of data or simply in need of a data center quote to keep up with the details, there is one answer that can deal with both—hosted data center services. Two of the biggest reasons why these services prove to be a sound choice are a lack of available space and potential consumer base growth that exceeds your company’s current resources.

While they are a valuable asset to many organizations, it pays to do your homework first Find data center articles online and look for top candidates that others have consulted for services. From there, it’s time to narrow down your choices for the perfect fit. As you do your inspection of hosted services, check out these considerations.

Where are you now?

The location of your company is a big factor in choosing hosted data services. While some companies might opt for something closer, others may not see any location as a problem; this all depends of your comfort level and need for constant communication.

It’s not just location that features in this category. The overall infrastructure also plays a role in what you ask a possible hosted date service provider. Considerations like the types of servers in use as well as their configurations play an important role in the services needed.

Can they be trusted?

You need services you can rely on as you build your business. Being down for just a minute or two can cause a ripple to hits everything from customer confidence to company ratings. A reliable choice should always measure at least 99.99% efficiency rates over time; that means no room for error. For worst case scenarios, there should always be power loss plans and equipment in place to handle any emergencies. more than just generators, this should extend to a full set of software and equipment specifically for this discipline.

Do they have data backups and security plans?

One of the biggest components in your business is the data its built on. If an emergency does occur, losing your data could be lost forever, and in the process your entire company infrastructure. A secure data center should have measures in place that not only protects data, but offers quality backups in the event of any disaster.

A comprehensive approach towards security is one of the biggest parts of hosted data services. Physical security plans should be a regular part of their approach to your company. Any plans should include onsite staff that monitor facilities at all times.It also helps if these professionals have adequate training in the selected subjects such data technology as well as security.

Go ahead and move your company to the next level. Keep an eye out for a hosted data center that can not only handle, but adjust at a moment’s notice. Having a center onsite is great, yet it doesn’t have to be that way if your pressed for cash or resources. Outside services help a lot of companies keep their most precious commodities safe and sound without the hassle.

NY Cryptocurrency Mining Data Center

Massena, New York is home to one of the top crypto mining data centers in the world. The capacity of this site is enormous with 435-megawatts of power. The site is whopping 1300-acres.

The North Country Data Center Corporation has a subsidiary, Coinmint. They claim it is intended to be used to mine several digital currencies. Among these are the major currencies Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum.

It is claimed that the basis of the move was the citizens of the area and the benefits of hydroelectric power. The expansion will continue as this form of power is important to the infrastructure of data centers.

Kyle Carlton who is a spokesman for Coinmint explained that the reduction in electricity costs will allow the company to be a strong global competitor in the newly emerging digital currency market.

This company has already invested a lot of money into the crypto mining farm data center. The total is roughly around $50 million. It is expected to put another $700 million towards the data center within the next 18 months. It is estimated that this will allow more than 150 jobs to be created.

The goal of Coinmint is to offer investers who are qualified to be given an opportunity to act in the ever-growing world of digital currency. They claim that they can be around three times bigger than their competitors in the industry.

This company has become partners with the Alcoa East Facility complex for its cheap electricity and proximity to Albany NY. The mining company believes this to be a huge advantage for the company.

Steve O’Shaughnessy, the Massena Town Supervisor strongly believes that they have been working for an increase of jobs in the Alcoa East Facility and that the overall project holds strong potential.

China has had a hostile approach towards cryptos in general, as well as Bitcoin mining hosting. In a way, America has become a more popular destination for miners like Texas. The effect of this has been an increasing demand for more and more energy to secure the bitcoin network, ethereum’s network, among other digital currency competitors.

There has been much controversy over how support to them has been the topic of debate for locals across the U.S. Fortunately, they can often bring jobs and a large investment. This is due to the need to hire many to work on the factory floor as well as others who complete the necessary designs, manufacturing, storing and shipping of ASIC mining hardware.

Some towns are welcoming them with full acceptance, while others debate whether a potential increase in overall electricity costs would be worth the investment.