List of Top Data Center Countries

List of Countries with the Most Data Centers

Updated 10.11.2019 – After some deep research on quotes, colocation facility placements and industry research….these are the top countries with colocation data centers for 2019-2020

  • Germany (195)
    • top cities
      • Frankfurth
      • Munich
  • The Netherlands (100)
    • top city
      • Amsterdam
  • Singapore (34)
  • Sweden (50)
  • Norway (29)
  • United Arab Emirates (9)
  • United Kingdom (264)
  • China (79)
  • Brazil (45)


From time to time, we work with a hosting partners that broker data center colocation in the EU and they say the following: “From my perspective, I would suggest Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, Scandinavia.

Brexit probably having a current, hopefully short term effect on UK market take up. China is building large facilities, but not sure about the level of international enterprises’ interest, due to current political “nervousness”.”

Organically on Top Data Centers, we have seen the most request for quotes from Singapore, Frankfurt, UAE, Brazil and Munich. gives you a good “birds eye” view of the # of data centers available and that is a good indication of what markets are more popular.

If you would like, we can ask a few of our USA based hosts that operate data centers abroad and see what they have to offer for insights if you are seeking international colocation just contact us and well compile a custom list for you.