The Biggest Data Center News Stories Of 2020-2019

The Biggest Data Center News Stories Of 2020-2019

Data centers have changed and grown over the years, and 2019 happened to see quite a few interesting stories surrounding them. The stories mentioned below run the gamut and are some of the most interesting and important to have occurred during the last year.

Data Center as a Service

While we’ve all heard of software as a service, Lenovo introduced a new way to sell their data center solutions. With Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services, the company is able to provide an infrastructure as a service product. Users have access to a pay-per-use subscription for the various Lenovo data center products that they may need to use. This has the potential to help other companies save money, as they will only have to pay for what is used.

The Rise of the Autonomous Data Center

A few years ago, the idea of an autonomous data center seemed like it was still in the realm of science fiction for most people. However, with the introduction of quality artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, things have changed quickly. Dell Technologies unleashed PowerOne, an autonomous infrastructure that utilized Dell EMS’s infrastructure products along with VMware vSphere. The PowerOne Controller is able to automate thousands of different tasks, which can help to speed up and simplify the workflow.

However, Dell was not the only company to introduce an autonomous platform. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise launched Primera. It is a storage platform that is combined with artificial intelligence and predictive insights. The system allowed companies to predict issues in order to prevent them from occurring.

Massive Investment by Oracle

Although many companies have committed to spending a substantial amount of money bringing new data centers into existence, Oracle took things a step further. They wanted to open a new data center region every 23 days over the course of 15 months. Overall, they decided to launch 20 new Oracle Cloud sites by the end of 2020. Out of the 20 new facilities, there will be three that are government centers and 17 that are commercial centers. Some of the locations where these will be built include California, Montreal, Amsterdam, and Osaka.

Tax Incentives Growing

Most people realize that there will need to be more and more data centers in the world in order to hold all of the data that’s being generated. Many governments around the world are trying to entice companies to build data centers in their country or state. One of the benefits that are offered in many areas is tax incentives. Illinois created a tax incentive for data centers that would eliminate local and state sales tax on equipment they are using in their facilities. Other locations are providing other incentives, such as the $150 million in property tax incentives Facebook is receiving in Utah.

It seems that every few days, there is another story about data centers coming out that is bigger than the last story. It is likely that there will continue to be these types of stories as more and more data centers are being built and new innovations are created.