Top Data Center White Papers of 2020

mining data center white papers

mining data center white papersTop Data Center White Papers of 2019

Over the course of 2019-2020, there were a number of white papers written about the field. Some of the most popular and most data center white papers downloaded  and focused on some of the major trends in the field, as well as papers on shifts and changes in the field. These papers covered a range of different topics, including edge computing, hyperscale data centers, and improving power efficiency in data centers. Below, we will be looking at some of the top white papers in the field.

Report from Iron Mountain – Hyperscale Data Centers: A Data Center from the Frontier Special Report

This white paper delved into the hyperscale data center and how it has helped to start to change the way that IT looks and functions around the world. It covers the importance of shifting data from computer rooms that are onsite to data centers. It examines the way that the use of hyperscale data centers has truly changed the way that people are using computers and doing crypto mining. It also covers how the data centers are built and sold, and it considers how hyperscale data centers will further change the landscape.

Data Center Frontier Special Report – Edge Computing

Edge computing is another important factor in today’s data centers, and it is fully explored in the white paper. The paper also looks into how edge computing is becoming a part of more and more data centers, and how it is changing colocation and can help those who use it.

Data Center Frontier Special Report – Optimizing Data Center Power Efficiency

Power efficiency is one of the areas that some companies have struggled with in the past or may continue to be struggling with. This white paper examines some of the new solutions that are available for data centers, including Gallium Nitride (GaN), GaN’s benefits, the reliability of GaN products, and how it could affect the overall amount that is spent.

Report from Digital Reality – Green Data Centers are Imperative for Enterprise Success

Many companies are looking for ways that they can go green and improve their practices. This white paper looks at one of the ways that will help companies to become more sustainable. They examine the use of renewable energy for use in data centers. The paper dives into how to find clean energy and how it can be implemented into the data center.

Report from Compass Data Centers – 5G: What, Where, When, and Why

The white paper examines the use of 5G in data centers and what types of changes it will bring. It includes information on the types of business and technological changes that are coming, along with the location, size, data storage requirements, and other factors that will be affected.

These are some of the white papers that came out in 2019 that were highly popular in the field of data centers. These papers help those who are in the field to stay on top of the changes and trends that are arriving now and in the near future.