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Why Top Data Centers for Slovakia?

We have a relationships with most colocation data centers across the globe especially Slovakia. This allows you to benefit from our service were we will privately negotiate directly on your behlaf for the absolute best pricing on Bzenov colocation services from the top Slovakia data center providers in the nation.

You will also be able to quotes for :
  • Managed Colocation
  • Managed AWS Services
  • Deep Learning
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Data Center Rates
  • Hosting Prices

Slovakia Data Center List Below

Data Center Zip City Address Map View Address
DC Tajov 976 34 Tajov Tajov 1
Datacube 85101 Bratislava Kopcianska 92/D
DC Digitalis 82101 Bratislava Trnavska cesta 110/B
DC Jarosova 830 08 Bratislava Jarosova 1
DC Kamzik 831 01 Bratislava Cesta na kamzik 14
Perpetuus DC / DCP1 84107 Bratislava Istrijská 26
SHC II 82108 Bratislava Kocelova 9
SHC III 85103 Bratislava Nam. Hraniciarov 39
Telekom DataCenter 821 09 Bratislava Varsavska 24/A
DC Kosice 043 06 Kosice Polska 4
DC Bzenov 082 42 Bzenov Bzenov